I have developed based on Drupal stack for more than 4 years. In my opinion:

  • The learning curve of Drupal is higher than other stacks, since It’s flexibility. 
  • Server environment in China is very poor. Drupal can works well at least installed in VPS.
  • The requirement is very simple in China, you can just install something like DZ forum or DEDE cms to accomplish the goal. Since the feature requirement is not comes from business requirement, they just want a simple web page to display there company profile etc.
  • Lots of teams want to build there own framework. (I disagree with this idea, it is wasting resource and time.)
  • The traffic of the website in China almost 100x larger than EU or US, but the value of the traffic is very low. So you need do more performance optimization for the Drupal site in China.
  • Most developers in China works on a Windows PC. So no drush, varnish, memcache, cron, etc.
  • Lots of developers installed Drupal and thought that Drupal is a blog :)