Recently. I totally changed my development tools at home. I can not change that at the office since that will also be lots of .NET development and the project related to M$ OFFICE SDK.

Developers always interested to share or show off there development tools, because they want to improve there productivity.

You can see how developers care about there development machine and tools:

What is my development tools and software?

I use Ubuntu 11.04 as the main OS. There will be tons of work to do after you install the default Ubuntu.

I installed more fonts such as MSYH, Arial, then you will see the similar web page when you surfing the web.

Change the Ubuntu theme back to Ubuntu 10 style.

Soft wares installed under Ubuntu:

1. JDK (power lots of tools, support JAVA development)

2. Chromium (Main browser)

3. GIMP (Photoshop under Linux)

4. Dropbox (Sync tool for my documents)

5. Filezilla (FTP client)

6. Skype (Chatting tool)

7. IDE:

Aptana (Support PHP, Python, Ruby developement. But not used very frequently)

Eclipse (Java development)

Gvim (My main development tool)

8. Ubuntu tweak (configuration tool)

9. Chromium plugins:

Google reader notifier

Screen capture

Color pick

10. Vim plugins:

Vim wiki







11. Avant window navigator (Similar as Dock in Mac OS)

12. Mysql, PHP, Apache2, Nodejs, mongodb, git, svn, redis and lots of shell scripts to complete tasks.


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