I always think the problems that why people argue with each other. Why negotiating parties fails
to make the deal and can not agree with each other.

In the early days, I always think the others are wrong, sometimes I think that is my mistake.
But now, I understand that that is not that simple. Most of the time, I was not wrong, and the others are not wrong too.

But why people argue with each other

  • They think from different aspect of the same problem
  • They have different experiences on the same problem
  • They have different culture
  • Confirmation bias
  • For many people, arguing is fun

So we will be improved if we do like this

  • It is not important who win the argument
  • Think why there are different sounds, try to think from the other side
  • Try to communicate to understand the exactly reason why these is difference
  • Trust other people and learn from others
  • Try to explain more to the other people
  • Avoid confirmation bias
  • Save your time to do something more important


  • 看了之后有帮助吗?